Progressive agricultural research in the Bahamas

Welcome to the Aquaponic Research Center "ARC" located at Blue Fields Farms. We are continuing our researching the potential of aquaponic food. We have 35,000 sf of commercial Aquaponic production that we supply Supermarkets, Hotels and Restaurants under our Blue fields farm Brand. Explore this site to learn more about our development of our aquaponic system and plans for the future. For our Retail wholesale operation please visit

Almost ready for harvest - Living herbs fresh and ready to go to the Supermarkets


Agriculture in the Bahamas is on the decline while food prices are increasing. Currently the Bahamas import's 90% of it's produce. ​ Agricultural development has been limited, primarily due to poor soil quality. This is because the Bahamas is built on limestone, unlike the rest of the Caribbean which has been formed by vulcanisation.

We have entered the emerging field of aquaponics. We believe it can provide a sustainable farming solution to small island nations with limited freshwater resources and infertile soils. Our aim is to give people access to fresh great tasting local produce and reduce the reliance on imports.

Project Time Line:

2010 - Installed small scale aquaponic system for proof of concept.

2012 - Secured larger more suitable site and partnerships in the Bahamas for the next phase.

2013 - Final design and construction of 3000sf research greenhouse.

2014 - Commercial production and sales of ARC produce. Collection and analysis of production data. Optimizing systems, procedures and business model.

2015 - Installed 6000sf greenhouse to continue development of business.

2018 - Purchase of the 5 acres property known as Goodfellow farms.

2019 - 25,000 sf greenhouse completed on site

2020- Expanded Commercial production and retail sales under Blue fields Farms brand.